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I have always been a fan of Thunar’s neat icon view where items with different dimension will have a same icon height in contrast to the peak and valley icon view of Nautilus.

Quick illustration of the hideous default icon view in Nautilus:


Now, we shall tweak the thumbnail of Nautilus icon view to make icons align in a more presentable way. The default thumbnail size is 96, to achieve a more consistent thumbnail, we use 50 as the value.

% gconftool-2 -s -t integer /apps/nautilus/icon_view/thumbnail_size 50

And if you prefer the GUI way, then Alt+F2, type in “gconf-editor”, navigate to the option as shown in the screenshot below, and set the thumbnail_size to 50.


Voila. The final Nautilus icon view will be as below. Not a 100% neat like Thunar but at least more consistent and presentable. I found this very useful especially for icons on Desktop.

nautiluschangedthumbOkay, that’s another nifty trick for you. And I am back indulging myself into studying for my last 2 papers.

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