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Greetings everyone :]

After a long period of laziness, Intrepid problems on my laptop (wireless + kernel-panic #314961 and blank CD/DVD problem #321174), I finally resurface and of course not without a souvernir to you.

With many tasks at hand to handle, you are preoccupied most of the time, chances are important email goes unnoticed. Pidgin’s new email notification is puny and has no tray icon support (what a let down). cGmail doesn’t support normal free Yahoo! and WLM/Hotmail. You started your quest searching for a decent mail notification: kbiff, gbiff, mail-notification, etc. You settled for Mail-notification for it caught your eyes with the lean interface and gnome integration. After the installation from the repo, what a nightmare you got after an easy process of adding accounts. You started swearing mentally. Yahoo and WLM don’t work out of the box unless installing extra debs (fetchyahoo and getlive). Worst still, the deb itself is not up-to-date and even the latest deb doesn’t work!!! You googled and started swearing verbally now. SSL support is greyed out due to licensing issue. You could be like, “**** this sh!t already!”. Don’t worry, I was in the same situation as you. I am ended up building the package from scratch with ssl enabled and writing a guide on how to install and use Mail-Notification with Ubuntu.

== 1 ==

Download my deb with SSL enabled [*** here ***]. And if you need evolution integration then this deb as well [mn_evolution].

== 2 ==

Install neccessary debs for Yahoo!, WLM as well as OpenSSL

% sudo apt-get install fetchyahoo getlive openssl

== 3 ==

* Download the modified script for [GetLive here]. Credit goes here https://bugs.launchpad.net/mail-notification/+bug/297774
* Presuming you saved the file in your home document, we need to move/symlink it to /usr/bin and make it executable

% sudo mv ~/GetLive /usr/bin/GetLive
% sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/GetLive

== 4 ==

Launch it, Menu – Internet – Mail Notification
Configure the accounts, this is per usersetting.

== 5 == (Optional)
* Automatic start mail-notification when session start, System – Preference – Session
* Always display icon, open “gconf-editor” -> /apps/mail-notification/always-display-icon
* Give yourself a pat on your shoulder.

Cheers :]

PS:  if you want to build them manually next time, I just found a blog (http://glyphobet.net/blog/essay/286) which provided a script to do it. Though, you should revise the script before run it because removing “–disable-ssl” is in for 4.x while  “ssl=no” is for  version >= 5.4 from debian/rules. (more…)

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