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After upgrading to Natty 11.04, my gvim open dialog became more flaky. In before “:tabnew” and “:split” bashing, I am a noob so pardon my familiarity with Open dialog.

The Problem: Whenever I open gvim from shell and initiate the Open file dialog then try to open a directory, it doesn’t open the directory and the busy cursor is display. And it  just stuck there like forever. Also, oxygen-appmenu caused Gvim to be unresponsive whenever you click on the menu.

The Workaround: Run gvim in foreground, so it will not fork and detach from the shell it was started in. ‘gvim -f <filename>’ or ‘gvim –nofork <filename>’

Personally I modified my .bashrc to create a new alias for gvim as follow: alias gvim=’gvim -f’


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